This Page allows you to Install certain PSP CFWs directly from your PSPs Web-Browser without the need of a PC.

If you need some Guidance in Installing a CFW on your PSP with these Web-Installers you can follow this Guide.

If you have no idea what a CFW is here is a short explanation of what it is and what it does: A so-called CFW (Custom FirmWare) allows you to run unsigned code (Programs and Games not authenticated by Sony) like Homebrew Games, Emulators and Game Backups on your PSP and enhance the System Software and experience with Plugins.
You can, for example, install really beautiful Custom-Themes, use a plugin that allows you to hear your own Background Music in any Game, Cheat in Games, create Screenshots and do many things more.

Firmware 6.20

6.20 LME 2.3
6.20 ME 2.3
6.20 Pro-C2

Firmware 6.60

6.60 LME 2.3
6.60 ME 2.3
6.60 Pro-C2

Firmware 6.61

6.61 LME 2.3
6.61 ME 2.3
6.61 Pro-C2

Infinity Permapatch for 6.61

Infinity R13
Infinity R13 for PSPGo

Chronoswitch Downgrader

Chronoswitch Downgrader 6.20
Chronoswitch Downgrader 6.20 for PSP Go
Chronoswitch Downgrader 6.60
Chronoswitch Downgrader 6.60 for PSP Go
Chronoswitch Downgrader 6.61
Chronoswitch Downgrader 6.61 for PSP Go